Sarupa's area of expertise: Living the Dream and creating phenomenal material success for global impact!
Sarupa Shah is and award winning entrepreneur, mentor and spiritual guru AKA The Celebrities Soul Agent and owner and founder of The Soul Agency. The Soul Agency which supports individuals in creating global impact and delivering a global message of transformation.

The Soul Agency works with entrepreneurs and leaders across the globe who want to put soul and spirit back to where it matters and put consciousness back on the agenda. Using her potent intuitive skills Sarupa speaks, coaches and runs workshops and study programmes across the globe which inspire people to tap into their own inner power.

Sarupa guides the way for women to step into a whole new paradigm in their life where they are truly in charge of consciously creating their reality in abundance and without sacrifice.
"Sarupa Shah is an unparalleled intuitive with a vast understanding of the spiritual principles of money, managing wealth and creating on-going abundance. Not only do I think her offering will benefit your clients and business as a whole, I feel it has the potential to benefit you with your own personal challenges and goals. Sarupa's guidance for me has been spot-on and enormously affirming and clarifying. May you consider this joint venture with an open heart and the artfulness of possibility."

Baeth Davis,
Her speciality is teaching people how to access their intuition for growth, message development work, uncovering their Divine Service Mission and full potential and how to create their global impact map and create their Legacy of LoveĀ™ in the world.
Sarupa has an MBA and several professional qualifications and is deeply intuitive, and has been able to see things since a child that others cannot yet see in their own life. More recently Sarupa was nominated for best speaker and trainer 2011 (, which she went on to win.
Sarupa has been interviewed by BBC Radio and several UK High Street Magazines, as well as extensively on online radio shows and presented both in the UK and USA, and is a regular features writer for online and off line publications.
More recently Sarupa has started writing as The Armchair Guru, giving everyday life and politics a spiritual shake and twist!
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