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Attn: Conscious Entrepreneurs, Heart Centred Business Owners & Lovers of Co-Creation

Are you ready to TURN UP the volume of your intuition and really letting your SOUL & SPIRIT guide your business?

YOU are INVITED to join me with other spiritually leaning business owners who know they are here to make a big difference in the world on this 5 week BUSINESS INTUITION programme...
Business Intuition Made Easy!
Starting Thursday 9th October 2014.**LIVE GROUP** progrgamme.

Only 10 places available to ensure plenty of 121 support!
(Who said teleclasses can’t be intimate and personal!)

IMPORTANT: If you are HEART centered and CONSCIOUSLY leaning and NOT developing your intuition you have to ASK yourself WHY? It is your greatest asset, your bridge between spirit and matter. Why would you not nurture this gift when it will be your best guide, mentor and friend ever?
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If you want to DISCOVER NEW WAYS to recognise, decipher, trust, and strengthen your intuitive voice & hits and align your own inner cosmic radar so you can connect to the boundless unseen wisdom for your life, business, health, wealth and the life of your clients then read on...(a clue to this being perfect for you is if you feel that you are always just short of experiencing business bliss, if you feel like intuition is hit and miss and has let you down yet you can't shake that sense that there is more wisdo mwaiting to channel its way to you then give yourself the GIFT of reading on...)

Do often think that business and life is as if you are living on a 'wing and prayer'?
Is decision-making tiring, sometimes agonising, and weighing you down....? What if you could get a guaranteed 'yes' or 'no' on any decision or course of action in your life?
Do you find you swing as often as a pendulum with what direction your business could be taking..it's this, no it's this, oh what is it?
Do you feel like there is more for you to discover about your purpose and contribution to the world yet when you look around all Syou can see it 'business' related offerings - nothing that truly nurtures your soul and spirit?
Do you wish you could access your intuition more and simply trust it to guide you in all that you do?
Do you crave stronger connections with your soul, spirit and source to guide you in choices about your health, wealth, love and creativity?
Well, what would you do if I told you...

The access YOU have to Divine Flow and Divine Guidance is immense, powerful and constant
Accessing your own intuition for your own life is something that can be learned and it DOES need ongoing development (You would expect a Doctor to develop their skills and practices, so why wouldn't you develop your spiritual gifts too).
Activating and deepening your intuition goes hand in hand with deepening your connection with true self and your true purpose.
EVERYONE has intuitive gifts, the ones who benefit are the ones who respect it, grow it and take action because of it.
Intuition is part of your Divine Inheritance, each day you don’t claim it more you lose it...eventually you don't know if you are following your intuition, emotions or something else, it just becomes a bit of a lucky dip, or not so lucky depending on howw much you go round in circles in your life.

It is simply a matter of COMMITMENT

How would you like to discover the EASY way?

If you are ready to learn simple and POWERFUL techniques that will keep you connected to YOUR INTUITIVE SOURCE then this is the programme for you.

If you are getting a tingling feeling inside of you as you read this AND you are daydreaming about how it would be if you could recognise, decipher, trust, and strengthen your intuitive VOICE more than you do now….then YOU ARE BEING CALLED to this programme BY YOUR SOUL AND SPIRIT.
Michelle Clarke, Damsel Leader Cardiff,
Katharine Dever
Imagine if you could effortlessly know how to...

select the right prices for your programmes & services?
hire the right assistant(s)
create the most successful services, events and programmes for your purpose and wealth?
choose the best timing to launch and market, and know how to ....? When you let intuition guide you, not emotions or critcism or anything else low vibration, I mean INTUITION the voice that is from source and your ally, you can only thrive as even when proverbial hits a fan you find the way to grow rather than get stuck and in a rut.
make decisions on who to partner with or coach with without getting confused or choosing the longest path to success. YES, INTUITION IS YOUR SHORTCUT...WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, I MEAN WHO DOESN'T WANT TO SKIP THE UNNECESSARY PART AND GET STRAIGHT TO JOY, ABUNDANCE, SUCCESS, WEALTH?
take the necessarily steps with grace that create your financial leaps in your business
simply always know...
understand the language the universe?
continuously and deliberately plan for good, growth, success and abundance?

This is all possible when you open to your intuition. This is how life was designed to be.

Saying you are intuitive when it is not positively impacting on your life is pointing to a communication and action challenge between your unconditional and on tap intuitive voice and your reality.

If your business and life is not the way you dream it to be or feel it could be then you owe it to you to do something about it!

This is a unique programme that is for you if you are ready to take a big leap in your business, wealth and spiritual impact and turn up the volume of your intuition; your inner radar that has the outer connections and the voice of your soul, your spirit and the universal forces!

The time for being in your head is GONE - it ISN'T HEART CENTERED!

This is work of the NEW ERA - intuition is the path of the heart and if you want to truly live the heart centered way this is your path, your gift and your contribution all in one

Intuition will light your life and business in ways more than you can imagine.

What you will learn and gain:
  • How to access your intuition on demand for YOU!The easy and NO FLUFF way
  • How to take action because of you intuition in a way that feels safe and risk free and grows your business, wealth and impact.
  • Learn techniques to reduce doubt and build trust!
  • How to activate & deepen the path of your soul while deepening your message for the world.
  • Processes and rituals to support you in anchoring more of your spiritual self in the material world so you can be the bridge builder!
  • You will create your 7 point intuitive strategy for your business, vision , impact and wealth.
  • Plus a whole lot more magic gets created!
This programme will deepen your intuition, your inner mentor!

All of this is delivered in a 5 week teleclass programme format using Google Hangout!
  • You can be anywhere in the world, I will be in either Spain or England!
  • All session are recorded and yours to keep for ever so you can review at your leisure
  • Comprehensive weekly workbooks with all exercises laid out
  • AND you get a 30 minute Intuition Breakthrough Session with me, Sarupa Shah after the programme completes to ensure that you are continuing to implement what you have learned and we can bust through limitations and doubts too.

You get all of this for £497(+ VAT if applicable in your country) (approx. US $795)

You will pay for your internet access related charges but beyond that you will not have to pay for expensive travel, hotel bills...so your carbon footprint is eco with this programme too despite it being global!

Personal guarantee from Sarupa Shah:

"I have been teaching intuition workshops for over 15 years, in that time my intuition has led me to the right people, places and personal fortune!

I am constantly asking what next and then taking action and that is where the exciting and big results come from.

I also have never stopped studying and deepening my connection to spirit and the universe so my teaching is continuously expanding in this area.

I will share with you all I have learned and if after our first session you aren't satisfied simply ask for your money back for a no-questions-asked-refund. This is my promise and commitment to you!"

Are you ready to take your brakes off and let your intuitive guidance flow to you?

This is your opportunity to be part of this unique Business Intuition Made Easy Programme!

If you have questions please email me


PS This programme will sell out, so take action now and secure your place as I don’t want you to kick yourself later!

PPS Intuition is your shortcut - to growth, expansion and joy and ABUNDANCE, - life challenges will still happen as that is your karma however when you learn how to move through life intuitively the bumps, become plain sailing, the self-love increases and your JOY flows...when JOY FLOWS so does everything else you dream of.
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